Welcome to the AoPS Mafia! WikiEdit

The AoPS Mafia community has a history extending back to 2005, and it covers more than one hundred long-paced games. To learn more about past game history, players, AoPS Mafia-related events, and quotable plays, this wiki is the right place for you.

Please read the Mafia Forum Rules before applying for a game.

Here is the current Status of players in the Mafia community.

Use the Game Page Template as a reference for any games you add a page for. If a game in which you have played does not yet have a page, please add one for it (players in games will know those games the best).

This wiki is not a comprehensive mafia wiki; it only corresponds to AoPS-specific mafia events. For more on how the game works, playing tips, and other information, the Mafiascum Wiki is a comprehensive wiki resource.

Ongoing GamesEdit

Currently, Mafia Games 171 (BM, Regular), 175(Newbie), and 176 (BM, Regular) are in progress. Please do not discuss these games outside of the game thread/moderator-approved locations until they are completed.

Latest activity Edit

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